Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training Programs in Kenya

Effective communication forms the basis of our professional lives. Clear communication is critical to building and maintaining strong working relationships and ensuring productivity. Every Organization values individuals with the ability to easily interact with business partners and clients. Kenya Motivation Speakers offers communication skills training programs to facilitate easier communication in the workplace. From verbal to non-verbal communication, effective business communication to speaking and presenting with confidence, we have you covered. Request a consultation today with Kenya Motivation Speakers for the best communication skills training programs.




Communication Skills Training Outcomes.

Boosts Teamwork

Helps to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts

Greater job satisfaction

Creates accountability

Helps in reducing employee absenteeism and turnover.

Increased revenues since more work is accomplished

Embrace Cultural Diversity

Better understanding of customer expectations

Networking, Know each other

Who should join the Communication Skills Training Program.

Customer service representatives

Training and development specialists

Sales representatives

Public relations specialists

Human services assistants

Training Program Duration.

Crush Program (4Hrs)

Executive Program (One Day)

Full Doze ( 3 Full Days)

Staff Training Photos.

Training Testimonials.

Sales Training Program.

Communication Skills Course Outline

Active Listening

Emotional Intelligence

Verbal Communication

Non Verbal communication

Persuasive Communication

Assertive Verbal Skills

Barriers to effective communication

Presentation skills

Privacy and security

Paraverbal Messaging

Social Cues

DISC assessment

Media training

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